symphony hill GRANITE BELT

The Brewhouse is the only venue in Bundaberg to offer premium Symphony Hill wines on Tap. We select only the best wineries to work with, and send our kegs to them to enable fresh wine to be transferred from the vats, at the winery to our kegs.

We then use nitrogen to displace the wine and serve at The brewhouse. This method means the preservatives usually required in bottled wine are avoided and the nitrogen displacement prevent any oxidization from occurring in the wine.

James Halliday




Complex aromas of raspberry and anise push through an array of floral notes. Delicious flavours of savoury cherry like nuances with a hint of sarsaparilla notes balancing delicate velvet like tannins and seamless acidity.






Stylish aromas of pineapple and passionfruit are evident with a touch of gooseberry peeking out. The delicious palate reveals rich, ripe bold characters of guava and melon shining through a balance of acidity and texture.






Delicious aromas of gooseberry and passion fruit explode through an array of herbal notes. The palate displays a rich textural mouth feel of bush lemon and kafir lime with a touch of creaminess balancing the seamless acid finish followed by an impressive length of flavour.




Wine maker, Mike Hayes on the job at Symphony Hill.