Nothing Tastes like our Beer

Our Beer

All our beer is made on 100% Queensland rain water making our beers some of the cleanest tasting crisp beers on the planet. The purity of our water allows the flavours of our uniquely selected ingredients to shine through.

Hip Hop ISA

Our mid-strength Session Ale in the Bargara range, Hip Hop is an India Session Ale that pours a golden orange colour with mild floral/fruity aromas from the use of Summer and Galaxy hops. At just 3.5 percent ABV, don’t expect a big malt driven backbone and tons of bitterness; instead this beer is light in body but strikes a balance between malt sweetness and hop bitterness that would equally suit those looking to transition into bigger flavoured craft beers or seasoned IPA drinkers looking for a lower ABV.

Drunk Fish 4.5% Australian Pale Ale

Pouring a light golden yellow colour, the Drunk Fish Pale Ale is slightly sweet and nutty thanks to the addition of locally sourced macadamia nut and bush honey. Those aromatics come through on the nose and palate due to a careful addition of hops that doesn’t overpower these subtle, delicate flavours. It’s an easy drinking pale ale with medium carbonation and a clean mouthfeel.

Thirsty Turtle Bright Lager (4.5%)

A crisp, European style Lager, the Thirsty Turtle Bright Lager is brewed following traditional methods using Tasmanian grown Super Pride of Ringwood hops for bittering and noble European hops Hallertau and Perle for flavour and aroma. Vienna and Munich malts provide a solid base to the beer. This Czech style bright lager pours a pale golden colour with a thin white head that laces nicely in the glass. Light bodied, the Thirsty Turtle is crisp and clean, with a hint of pithy citrus bitterness designed to call you back for more.

Rusty Roo - Irish Red Ale (5.5%)
Rusty Roo – Irish Red Ale (5.5%)

Deep amber/copper in colour with a soft white head, the Rusty Roo is an Irish style red ale that has all the benchmarks of a quality red: caramel and toffee malt flavours are countered and balanced by the citrusy and spicy flavours from the Cascade hops. Mild carbonation helps to produce a full, rounded mouthfeel to complete the picture.

Phat Heffa 5.4% Hefeweizen
Phat Heffa 5.4% Hefeweizen

Dominated by wheat malt with additions of Munich and Pilsner, the Phat Heffa is some of a cross breed: a hefeweizen that generates most of its aromatics from the use of a Belgian ale yeast. Look out for tell tale characteristics of banana and clove dominating. It’s pale in colour and highly carbonated – an easy-drinking wheat beer that finishes nice and dry, with hot summer’s days in mind.

Ray XPA 5.0% Xtra Pale Ale
Ray XPA 5.0% Xtra Pale Ale

To celebrate the beauty and ingenuity of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and its citizens, raise awareness of the majestic kites of the sea and spread the word about two of the best kept secrets on the Great Barrier Reef, Bargara Brewing Company in partnership with Lady Elliot Island EcoResort are releasing RAY XPA. Ray XPA is an Extra Pale Ale (5.0% abv), a new world style of beer that accentuates a sub-tropical flavour through its use of specially selected hops exhibiting delicate notes of Grapefruit, Honeydew melon and Kafir lime. The restrained use of malted barley enables the hop characteristics to shine and results in an extra pale beer with a unique, yet sessionable hoppy flavour.

Convict 6.9% IPA

The original English IPA recipe used in the mid 1800’s when the British were sending beer to India and people to Australia. With all English ingredients, this big beer celebrates, ingenuity and authenticity. Simply a stunning beer. This is a must for any craft aficionado.

Hard Apple Cider

Simple, 4.8% semi-dry cider. Just good apples, rainwater and let the yeast do it’s thing.

Limited Release and Season Beers. – These beers are a little harder to find, only brewed in limited quantity once a year.


This dry stout is made with a combination of roasted malts and torrified wheat to produce a beer that pours jet black with a thick tan head. Swirl the glass and aromas of roasted coffee leap out while there’s little astringency on the nose and in the taste. The wheat contributes to a full, smooth mouthfeel as well as aiding in head retention and adds some biscuity characteristics too. Bitterness from the hops and roasted malts adds to the flavour nicely too.  EBC 70, IBU 28, ABV 4.7% Malts: Ale, Torrefied Wheat, Roasted Barley, Medium Crystal. Hops: Topaz, Willamette, EKG, Ella. – Limited local release @ The Brewhouse, Bundaberg.

Sombrero Cervesa
Sombrero 4.2% Cervesa

The Sombrero is a Mexican style cerveza brewed with rice as part of the malt bill but what makes this beer unique is its dry hopping with shredded native lemon myrtle leaves. The beer pours a very pale yellow colour, sending forth a distinct peppery lemon scent – no need to add a slice of lemon or lime here. Very refreshing summer lager. – Limited local release @ The Brewhouse, Bundaberg.


– Limited local release @ The Brewhouse, Bundaberg.

22 thoughts on “Our Beer

  1. Hi there
    Just noticed your product on abc

    I love thr idea of fruit beer
    I tild froends about a place in thr dells wisconsin that made s delicious craft strawberry beer that was a sell out

    Might be worth looking into
    Best of luck
    Have to cone for a visit one day
    When you go outerdtate id love to help spread the word lol


    1. Thanks Dan, Always welcome if you make it to Bundy.

  2. just watched Landline today Sunday 16th oct and was very interested in what you are producing. i use todrink a lot of beer but now drink cider. recently i tried a strawberry cider which was very good but it was from Belgium.i see that you are looking at items gluten free and local products which is a great idea.Here in South Australia cider is becomming popular but con only get Australian Apple. producing others would be great and not exporting .

  3. Hello and Great Going starting our own Australian Beer Company and Keeping it in Australia
    Saw you on Landline 16/10/2016 midday and Excellent letting all Australia know of your excellent Beer and Excellent Australian Business staying in Australia
    We need all of Australia who love to have a drink just purchase one carton and we finally will get our Country back on track. Rather than buying imported.

    1. My sentiments exactly, good on you Elizabeth.

  4. Where can u buy the blueberry beer PLS

    1. Hi Josh, estimated release of the commercial batch in Dec, available via online order or the list of bottleshops on our stockists page. thanks BBC

  5. ETA for gluten free beer guys? Can’t wait!

    1. We are aiming for Feb next yr, follow us to keep up to date on new releases.

  6. Just watched Landline and am so interested in your Gluten Free brew. I was a beer lover till the last few years. Do you have that on the market yet,if not then when. Am keen to try. Jenny from Stanthorpe Qld.

    1. Hi Jenny, Gluten free beer release is aimed at Feb next year

  7. Hi ,I was just wayching landline and was very interested in what you are doing to make that great looking beer .I would like to buy some….how do I do that. Regards Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for your interest, online orders are easiest via regards BBC

  8. I understand you make a Gluten Free beer does it need to be kept cold once brewed?
    Do you sell it by the box and what do you charge?

    1. Hi Bob, we will only be releasing the gluten free beer after Xmas. Treat it as you would any other beer. Best served cold!

  9. Hi, I am interested in your advent pack. Will there be 24 different beers or will there be some doubles? Cheers, Mark

  10. […] beer itself is made by Queensland craft brewers Bargara Brewing and its lovely – a mid-strength session IPA with some fruity notes and a nice bit of depth […]

  11. Tried out your Thirsty Turtle the other day….wow, what a lovely drop. Really “crisp” clean satisfying taste.

  12. Hi guys, I visited dan murphys at Hervey Bay, and I purchased more of your great beers. I now have on hand rusty roo, thirsty turtle and drunk fish. My son who lives in Singapore is visiting me at the moment, and he is loving yours beers. I think I will have to back to dan murphys to buy more of your great beers. Keep up the good work, hope to visit bargara in the next few weeks, will call to your brewery to purchase your New varieties out. Regards leigh cowan.

    1. great to here, and thanks for the note, we are working on sending beers to Singapore so keep an eye on our page.

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