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Craft Beer for those who care

A unique craft brewery and brewhouse restaurant with a passion for local innovation. We felt impelled to share our passion on what a real brewing company should represent. We want to do good, not just taste good. We want to use the best to produce the best. We want craft beer drinking to be a culture of authenticity, mateship, innovation, respect, awareness and appreciation. We want to share our ideas with you, in the hope that while drinking one of our beers you might be inspired to be or do something great.

Bargara brewing company provide craft beer to anyone that cares, for those that strive for something better, something real. At BBCo we believe good beer should be made with love and drunk with an understanding and appreciation of the carefully selected ingredients, and artisanship with which it is crafted. Craft beer is not just better beer, it is a culture; it is something to be savoured, explored and experimented. At BBCo we believe our craft beer should be enjoyed by all (over 18, of course), responsibly and respectfully.

Building of The Brewhouse video on You tube