New Beer from Bargara – Feb 2nd Release of RAY XPA

Fresh, Local, Independent Beer Brewed with Passion

Lady Elliot Island is a pristine coral cay situated at the Southern end of Australia’s Iconic Great Barrier Reef, approximately 80kms North East of Bundaberg. The Island is known as the ‘Home of the Manta Ray’ and has been recgonised by PADI as one of the ‘Top 5’ places in the world to scuba dive with manta rays.

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort works closely with research group Project Manta who have identified over 1,000 individual manta rays off the East Coast of Australia. Approximately 90% of those have been spotted in the waters surrounding Lady Elliot Island. The identification comes from photo-identification and citizen scientists who #ProjectManta or send images with sighting information to assist in investigating population biology and ecology.

In 2017, Lady Elliot Island was voted the No. 1 Island Destination to Experience in Australia by Experience OZ + NZ and won Gold in the ‘Steve Irwin Award for Ecotourism’ at the annual Queensland Tourism Awards. 

Bundaberg is well known for its iconic beverages, with Bundaberg Rum and Bundaberg Brewed Drinks internationally-recognised brands.  But in the past few years, Bargara Brewing Company has established itself as another iconic brand from the region with the exponential rise in popularity of it’s fresh, local, independent craft beers such as Thirsty Turtle and Drunk Fish being exported to China and S.Korea as well as distributed throughout Queensland. Bargara Brewing Company has also gained a reputation for innovative conservation and tourism initiatives, such as brewing the Great Barrier Beer for the Good Beer Co and the Australian Marine Conservation Society, initiating the #TasteBundaberg culinary mural on the Brewhouse walls and hosting the “Backstage Pass” long local lunch each July as part of the Winterfeast festival.

To celebrate the beauty and ingenuity of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and its citizens, raise awareness of the majestic kites of the sea and spread the word about two of the best kept secrets on the Great Barrier Reef, Bargara Brewing Company in partnership with Lady Elliot Island EcoResort are releasing RAY XPA. Ray XPA is an Extra Pale Ale (5.0% abv), a new world style of beer that accentuates a sub-tropical flavour through its use of specially selected hops exhibiting delicate notes of Grapefruit, Honeydew melon and Kafir lime. The restrained use of malted barley enables the hop characteristics to shine and results in an extra pale beer with a unique, yet sessionable hoppy flavour. (Ray XPA is also a Low Gluten Beer, with the ppm of Glutinase from each batch printed on every bottle – usually as low as 0 ppm)

“By getting an amazing beer into the hands of thousands of local and international consumers that raises awareness of our pristine, yet delicate reef and the sealife that depend on and call it home, is very powerful.” – Jack Milbank, CEO of Bargara Brewing Company. “Every beer label encourages consumers to get behind #ProjectManta and will educate people about the importance that the Great Barrier Reef and its inhabitants play for the future of the planet. It is important that we support local businesses in our region, so we are pleased to be on board with the Bagara Brewing Company with Ray XPA. We have had incredible positive response to their Thirsty Turtle and Drunk Fish out here on Lady Elliot Island, so it is only fitting to support Ray XPA especially as Lady Elliot Island is known as ‘Home of the Manta Ray’ so, cheers to that! – Peter Gash, Managing Director/Custodian of Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.

Ray XPA will initially be available from most Queensland Dan Murphy’s, Cellarbrations Hervey Bay, Liquor Market Maroochydore and Southport, Bargara Brewing Company’s Brewhouse in Bundaberg and on Lady Elliot Island.

BBCo is committed to local farmers, sourcing regional produce, such as Mandarin Juice from the North Burnett for it’s recently released Escorro Honey Murcott Vermouth and local talent to keep the economic growth in our region to benefit the community. LEI is committed to preservation of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and educating tourists on the importance of sustainable management of our natural assets.  You too can help them continue this growth by supporting local businesses and tourism operators by drinking local beer, Cider or Vermouth and visiting the beautiful Lady Elliot Island Eco-Resort and becoming a citizen of the Reef, how hard could it be? Media are invited to book with LEI for the launch from the Island on the 2nd Feb.

For booking enquiries at Lady Elliot Island visit   and for Ray XPA stockist enquiries visit . become a citizen on the Great Barrier Reef by visiting . Media enquiries call 0434678228.

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks and Bargara Brewing Co are bringing the Shandy Back!

The success of collaboration is underpinned by the premise that 1+1=3. In that spirit two regional Queensland Breweries have collaborated to bring the Shandy Back. In fact we want you, our loyal fans to discover just how cool combining 2 amazing craft beverages can produce one amazing Pint of Pure Happiness (or share in 2 schooners. 0.6 standard drinks).


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Craft Beer for those who care

A unique craft brewery and brewhouse restaurant with a passion for local innovation. We felt impelled to share our passion on what a real brewing company should represent. We want to do good, not just taste good. We want to use the best to produce the best. We want craft beer drinking to be a culture of authenticity, mateship, innovation, respect, awareness and appreciation. We want to share our ideas with you, in the hope that while drinking one of our beers you might be inspired to be or do something great.

Bargara brewing company provide craft beer to anyone that cares, for those that strive for something better, something real. At BBCo we believe good beer should be made with love and drunk with an understanding and appreciation of the carefully selected ingredients, and artisanship with which it is crafted. Craft beer is not just better beer, it is a culture; it is something to be savoured, explored and experimented. At BBCo we believe our craft beer should be enjoyed by all (over 18, of course), responsibly and respectfully.

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