Founded in the little coastal Queensland town of Bargara in 2014. Bargara Brewing Company moved into it’s home “The Brewhouse” on 10 Tantitha St, Bundaberg, 15 mins from Bargara and 4 hrs North of Brisbane on the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

As a Family owned and operated regional Queensland Business, our dedicated people are the core of what we do. Jack Milbank is the Founder and CEO, with wife Jacinta and their 3 girls. Andrew Clark, a nationally recognised champion brewer, with some 25 years experience is the Head Brewer, We have a dedicated Hospitality crew who look after everyone that comes into The Brewhouse, as a busy restaurant, bottleshop event and retail venue, located within the Brewery.

We all love our region and love beer, so we felt impelled to share our passion on what a real brewing company should represent. We want to do good, not just taste good. We want to use the best to produce the best. We want craft beer drinking to be a culture of authenticity, mateship, innovation, respect, awareness and appreciation. We want to share our ideas with you, in the hope that while drinking one of our beers you might be inspired to be or do something great.

Bargara brewing company provide craft beer to anyone that cares, for those that strive for something better, something real. At BBCo we believe good beer should be made with love and drunk with an understanding and appreciation of the carefully selected ingredients, and artisanship with which it is crafted. Craft beer is not just better beer, it is a culture; it is something to be savoured, explored and experimented. At BBCo we believe our craft beer should be enjoyed by all (over 18, of course), responsibly and respectfully.

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  1. Great presentation on landline. Can I buy in Brisbane

    1. Hi Eddie
      yes we will be on tap at Taps the Valley, and available via urban Cellars from next week, across the city

  2. Hi, saw your brewery on Landline.
    We live in Alice Springs so can’t pop in for a beer .
    Is there any way we can purchase a couple of cartons to be freighted here.

    1. Hi Monica, for sure send me through your address and which cartons you would like and we will generate a freight quote. regards

    2. Hi Monica
      For sure, just email [email protected] your delivery address and your order and we get it processed as soon as possible. We will need to phone you to process payment between 11am and 10 pm, so just let us know the best time to call.
      Kind regards BBC

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